D Street Media Group is a privately backed media company and the holding company for D Street Releasing, D Street Pictures, D Street Medienvertrieb, GmbH Germany, Americine, SRL Argentina, D Street South Africa and the newly formed DSNC LTD in London, England.

The company was founded in 2003 to address a growing need for a truly independent film company that embraces world cinema, American independent voices and Hollywood respectfully. A company that produce and distributes international film successfully in the United States, as well as providing international producers a home for their movies to take advantage of the most successful film market in the world.

Our aim is to be more imaginative, more creative and work tirelessly in our competitive space in order to achieve our goals. We understand traditional methods of production are advancing and film distribution platforms are ever changing, technology is evolving at a faster rate then ever before and we know we must change and evolve with it. With more content available to a wider range of the movie going population, the desire to break through all the noise is what inspires D Street to think outside the box.

We respect 21st century advances in all things media and understand how the new studios of the day such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube as well as Facebook and Twitter will continue to influence how we create, market and distribute content. D Street will be right there embracing innovation, technology and new digital platforms as they rapidly evolve, but ultimately it’s about the stories we tell. Be they the films we develop and produce through D Street Pictures or gems we acquire from all over the world to distribute through D Street Releasing or our subsidiaries in Europe, South America and Africa. We know one thing for sure, if the story is good, they will come.