Based on the Jan van Tonder novel by the same name, “Stargazer” is a heartfelt drama set in a railway community in 1966 South Africa. Told through the eyes of eleven year old Timus, the film depicts the difficulties in coping with the harsh realities of the world, while embracing the beauty in life. Timus and his family are trapped within a society of violence and rigidity, where ideologies and beliefs can cost one their life. A boy holding onto his childhood innocence, Timus is driven by an incessant curiosity that oftentimes lands him in troubling situations, from which he is saved by the unlikely hero, Joon. Believing Joon to be his miraculous savior, Timus goes into the world reassured of his safety only to be confronted by dark realities that slowly shed his innocence.

A story with unforgettable characters, “Stargazer” boldly portrays the mystifying relationship between the magical world of childhood and the realistic world we live in.

Directed By: Paul Eilers

Starring: Deon Lots, Paul Loots, Rika Sennett, John-Henry Opperman, Andrew Thompson