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Death Inc.

In Development

When their lovely little town suffered the worst flood in over 100 years, the good people of Taliwater, Ireland did not despair. They rolled up their sleeves and reclaimed what they could and rebuilt what was lost. A shining example of a strong, healthy community, they’re all true friends. None more so than BRENDAN FARROW and SEAN TANNER. Until one day, the town’s famous hypochondriac, BETTY O’CONNOR, falls ill more seriously than all those other times. Well, it all starts off friendly enough, in the pub, with some banter between Brendan and Sean over who will bury old Betty, since the town doesn’t have a funeral home. But then banter turns into a dare and a dare turns into “don’t you dare, I’m fecking doing it.” All of Taliwater is outraged, but the two friends don’t back down. Over the weeks that follow, they open their funeral homes. They even put their teenagers, TESS FARROW and PAUL TANNER, to keep guard outside Betty’s house and sound alarm as soon as the old lady departs. Hopefully? Soon enough capitalism takes hold of this once peaceful little town and talk of “IPO’s and Global expansion” are the catch phase of the day, even by the town’s Vicar who gets in on the action.

Directed By: Sasha Damjanovski

Co-Producer: Susan Mullen (Brooklyn)