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Heaven Hath No Fury

In Development

Mike Press is a late twenties Wall Street prodigy who sees life through the floor-to-ceiling windows of his lavish, Lower East Side penthouse apartment. He spends long days at work followed by longer nights partying in the VIPs of New York’s hottest clubs, consuming a steady diet of Red Bulls and young models and actresses in between. The city is his playground. He’s a playboy by every definition of the word who needs nothing more in life than the company of his two best friends from childhood – Andrew and Malik – and a vixen in bed every night. Mike’s charm, wit and good looks are only surpassed by his brutal honesty. His only soft spot is for Ariel, a beautiful Broadway dancer but more importantly the first woman to ever turn him down. But when he finally has his shot with Ariel, he breaks her heart setting off a chain of events that hit him and his buddies where it hurts and force them to see life through the eyes of women.

Directed By: Benny Boom